The Season of the Rose

Season of the rose

The symbolism of the rose is shared by many cultures as representing the life force (eros in Greek, an anagram of rose, means life). In full bloom, as is the sun at this stage of Earth's cycle, it also signals the inevitable connection with the next stage in the cycle, of disintegration, 'the blossom and thorn, the fragrance and blood'.

This quilt celebrates the creative phase of full manifestation. It honours the 15 billion years of Earth in creation at the stage when this numinous creative desire comes into full form, and sets fruit and seed for the next round in Creation.

The rose is the emblem of Goddesses and women in many cultures, an icon representing the vulva, or yoni as the gateway through which creation is manifest.

The cruciate symbol in the centre of the back of the quilt is another ancient symbol which celebrates the unity found in diversity.


Thai raw silk, hand-dyed cottons, felt batting, machine pieced and quilted

$AUD 1,300

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