The Original Wheel of the Year

The title for the series of quilts made for a Masters thesis is borrowed from probably one of the most basic human understandings and representations of a relationship between self, community, Earth and the greater cosmos - that the stars, the planets, the seasons, animal and human lives transpire and repeat in cycles - experienced as the cycle of the seasons.

Inherent in this cyclic process is the movement from dark to light and a return to darkness - which again gives way to the light. This process is represented by the eight festivals celebrated according to the Wheel of the Year, four of which mark the movement of Sun as perceived from Earth (two solstices and two equinoxes), and another four (the crossquarter days), which acknowledge the stages of rebirth, life, decay, and death, experienced as the life-cycle on Earth. The festivals are the turning points for each season and mark the changing relationship - and the deep and inevitable connection between dark and light in the creative process.